Herbal Tea

Let’s have a look on the wide range of Herbal Teawhich is known for being gentle liver cleansers and can assist with regeneration and function of your liver.The antioxidants and vitamins found in this tea great for helping fight disease and infections, protect against oxidative stress, and lower the risk of chronic disease. Currently, Herbal Tea is available in few varieties such as Detox Green Tea (50 gms), Kadha Masala Chai (50 gms), and

Skin Nourishment Herbal Tea (50 gms). It’s known for reducing the risk of tumours and promoting a healthy heart. This tea is very cost effective and can be easily purchased by our valued customers at cheaper rates.

Detox Green Tea (50 gms)

Detox Green Tea (50 gms) is a traditional mix of various types of herbal ingredients which .....

Kadha Masala Chai (50 gms)

We are offering here the Kadha Masala Chai (50 gms) that is good for the stomach, since all ma.....

Skin Nourishment Herbal Tea (50 gms)

Skin Nourishment Herbal Tea (50 gms) has been packed with several nutritional values. This is .....

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